Carl Hirschmann - AD-HD

Carl Hirschmann - AD-HD

AD-HD by Carl M. Hirschmann AD-HD by Carl M. Hirschmann AD-HD by Carl M. Hirschmann AD-HD by Carl M. Hirschmann AD-HD by Carl M. Hirschmann
AD-HD by Carl M. Hirschmann


May 6th, 2011 • Website is online!

We are proud to anncounce that our new website is online now! Stay tuned for more information on

Welcome to AD-HD.CH

After facing a quite dramatic year in 2010, with the loss of my beloved Father and some personal challenges I had to overcome, I needed a well deserved change of scene and inspiration. I decided to take my closest friends on a trip around Asia! Originally, I was supposed to share this voyage with my Dad, so taking my Mother along as well was the closest I could get to having him with us…

Hazard and probably destiny made it possible for one of my favorite artists and most recognized photographers in the World, Michel Comte, to come along with his wonderful Japanese wife Ayako… Their knowledge about Asia and life in general made them the perfect guides, not only geographically, but also spiritually. They were able to pass their love for astonishing places like Cambodia, Thailand and Japan on to all of us… We are very proud to show you the photos Michel Comte (and Dylan Don) shot on our little adventure throughout Asia. And what a delight it was!

We wanted to share this with you earlier but the dramatic developments around the World made us wait for a more appropriate time. The goal, now even more than before, is to open a little window on a part of the World which has so much to give but is also in need of much support.

This trip turned out to be a life changing experience and this is our way of making you want to discover or help those wonderful cultures and their diversity! We are not asking for donations, as we truly believe that the best way to help the needing parts of Asia is to go out there, visit, feel and embrace the local warmth and magic. The rest will happen by itself…

In loving memory of Carl W. Hirschmann

Carl Hirschmann with Ayako & Michel Comte, Adrien Bezes, Eric Berseth, Dylan Don, Vujo Gavric, Remy Kersten and Timo Weber

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